Wellness Days

My wellness days are like nothing else you will have done for your own health and well-being.

You will go home inspired, refreshed and armed with the tools you need to increase our own levels of health and happiness.

They are a day created specifically for you, to assess your overall well-being, do some exercise, take part in a yoga inspired session, eat a healthy lunch made just for you, discuss and find out more about how to improve your wellness and finish off, if you wish, with a relaxing massage.

How Does It Work?

Before you arrive for your wellness day, you will be sent a detailed questionnaire about your lifestyle. None of it is compulsory, but the more you tell me (all in the strictest confidence) the more specific we can be during the day itself.

We will then have a chat on the phone or by email to decide exactly what you want to do on your special day.

All wellness days will include:

  • a health assessment
  • a PT session
  • a yoga session
  • a nutritious lunch
  • a massage

You can then choose from some of the following options:

Advice on sleep

A guided meditation session

Advice on organic food and a look around my organic ‘market garden’ and get some ‘grow your own’ inspiration.

Relaxation massage

Advice on complementary therapies – over the years I have come to rely more and more on homeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture, reflexology and can talk confidently to you about their health benefits. I work closely with local practitioners and can refer you to them depending on your needs.

Eating plans and an assessment of how you eat.

Breathing techniques

Advice on change – the most challenging part of a move to wellness.

Wellness Pack

Everyone will take away a ‘Wellness Pack’ at the end of the day. Again this will be tailored to you and include a two week fitness plan, two week food plan, a yoga routine and a meditation to try at home.

Inspiration Wellness Pack

This is a 6-week version of the standard Wellness Pack and includes a 6-week fitness plan, 6-week food plan, regular emails with inspiring ideas including – yoga poses, meditations, organic tips and a variety of other ideas to focus you on wellbing every day.


Wellness Day – £200

Wellness Day (including Inspiration Wellness Pack) – £300

Follow-up reassessment after six months – £100