What I Do

What Is Personal Training?

Personal training is an opportunity to get fit and stay fit with programmes that are tailored to meet your needs, using the motivational skills, enthusiasm and training of a qualified professional.

So whether you’re taking up exercise for the first time, or after a long break and are a bit nervous, or want a tough programme that takes you to a triathlon PB or allows you to achieve an important fitness goal – I can help.

You will receive a work-out that is built solely for you and that develops and changes as you reach goals or need something new.

Basically, there’s no standard programme. We’ll discuss your needs and come up with something you’ll like the sound of and we’ll get going!

The choices are endless.

You might want a Personal Trainer one day a week or two days a week or once a month. You might have serious athletic goals that can be better achieved with the support and encouragement of Personal Trainer.

One thing is for sure if you’re not happy with the programme we’ll change it and I’ll always be asking you if you’re enjoying it – because if you’re not, we won’t succeed.

What You Get For Your Money

Your own Personal Motivator

Nothing gets you fitter quicker than expert advice, enthusiasm and the drive of a personal trainer!

Free Consultation

All initial consultations are free of charge. I’m very happy to meet up for a no-obligation chat about what you’re hoping for from Personal Training and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Fitness Testing

If you choose to I can provide clients a full range of fitness testing – cardio-vascular testing, weight/resistence-testing, flexibility testing, body composition tests and lifestyle consultations.

Nutritional Assessments and Advice

Clients are offered a chance to complete a food diary and receive nutritional advice and food planning.

Training Programmes

Depending on your goals and objectives I can give you training plans to do outside our sessions to further improve your fitness.


I have a bespoke gym based just outside Abingdon (near Millets Farm Centre) where you can train in complete comfort

Sports Specific Training

PT for All

Weight Loss