Yoga for Sport

More and more elite sportswomen and men are using yoga and flexibility exercises, not only improve their performance but to extend their careers way beyond what was possible 10/20 years ago.

For the ordinary exerciser yoga and flexibility can be the difference between wanting to go out for a cycle, play a round of golf, hit the gym or take part in a exercises class or a Personal Training session.

If you are stiff and your muscles tight, you are less likely to want to take part in exercise. It also can lead to injury and a feeling of general tiredness.

I have always placed great emphasis on stretching at the end of Personal Training sessions but in recent times have used it more and more for my own training, allowing me to bounce back quicker from events and train smarter.

In the long term yoga can bring a sense of well-being to every aspect of your life.

I offer yoga inspired flexibility for sport sessions in groups or as a 1-2-1.

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*please note I am currently not a fully qualified yoga teacher. I am undertaking The British Wheel of Yoga Foundation course which is enhancing years of knowledge and study I already have in flexibility, core strength and relaxation.