Special Deals

Train with a Friend

If you find the idea of one-to-one training a bit daunting or want to cut down the cost, then I’m happy to offer friend sessions. Maximum 2 people.

One-to-one training £35/40 per session
Two-to-one training £45 per session

Nordic Walking

An incredible way to get fit and be outdoors. Nordic Walking is taking the UK and Europe by storm. It’s an all over body work out that will see you reach your goals while walking, laughing and having a great time!

Executive Packages

If you’re a businessman or woman who spends a great deal of time travelling – and a lot of time enjoying corporate entertainment – I can put together a range of programmes for you to do on your travels and at home.

I will put together a six-week ‘On the Road’ programme tailored to you. This will include one ‘in person’ training session and a full explanation of exercises and suggestions on how to train when facilities are limited, email advice and phone consultations.

Additional face-to-face sessions are available at a reduced hourly fee.

Wedding Packages

If you’re getting married, gearing up to be Mother of the Bride or want to upstage the bride by looking great and catching everyone’s eye, then I can help. Since everyone is different, has varying time scales for their goals, prices for Wedding Packages available on request.

I have had my most rewarding experiences with individuals getting in shape for weddings – nothing beats seeing someone reach a goal for an important life event and glowing with happiness!

Ski-ing Packages

If you need to get fit for the ski season I can devise a ‘ski’ programme to get in shape for the slopes.

Pre/Post Natal Packages

Want to stay fit through your pregnancy or get back to your pre-pregancy shape. A variety of packages available to suit your goals.

Don’t see anything that applies to you? Just email and let me know what you’re looking for.